Internet Scams Are Getting More Sophisticated & More Devious Every Day - Find Out What You Need to Know to Protect Your Money … Your Identity … Your Children!


From: Greg Andrews - Scam detection expert..



Money lost to Internet scams hit a new high last year, topping $240 million, according to the U.S. Government. People young and old, rich and poor, are falling victim to Internet scams.


The problem has gotten so bad that statistics say you probably now know someone who has been scammed.


It’s no longer enough just to be “smart,” Internet scams have gotten so devious that even the most knowledgeable and cautious Internet users are losing money.


I should know – I’m now one of the “victims.” Last year, I lost $570 to an Internet scam. Talk about being embarrassed … and mad.


Here I am a person who makes his living online and who considers himself to be very smart and cautious and I got taken in!


After I realized what had happened I couldn’t believe it had happened to me. I always considered myself way too smart to ever fall for a scam. But experts say that’s exactly how most people feel. We think “Oh, I’m too smart to fall for an Internet scam. Those scams happen to other people who are not as cautious as me or who maybe aren’t as smart as me.”


But the truth is these days anybody can get scammed.


The scams are so persuasive, the offers seem so legitimate, that we think it couldn’t possibly be a scam … and then the next thing you know we’ve lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Or even worse, we’ve had our identity stolen and in no time our credit cards contain thousands of dollars in extra charges.



And If Adults Are Getting Scammed so Often


Now, What About Children?


If you have kids you should be worried, Internet scammers have no conscious and more and more are going after our kids because they are such easy “marks.”

 The Internet has become a dangerous place … a place where we must arm ourselves with knowledge to protect ourselves. Just consider these recent scams:

  • Elnetta, a 70-year-old grandmother, lost $400 when she made a donation to a fake charity … a fake charity that had a professional, legitimate website that was filled with tear-jerking stories of people the charity claimed to help.

  •    Dominic, a 28-year-old accountant, lost $200 when he made a donation to what he thought was a charity helping victims of the recent Interstate 35 bridge collapse in Minnesota but instead was a scammer who quickly took the money and ran.

  • Tom, a hard-working 42-year-old teacher, lost $320 when he bought a How to Make Money on the Internet multi-media course that never arrived. When he tried to check on delivery of the product he was told the company no longer existed.

  •    Stacie’s 15-year-old son, Michael, lost his entire savings of $180 when he fell for a scam online offering an iPhone at a knock-down price.

  • Angie, a 37-year-old mom, had her identity stolen when her daughter gave away personal information about her mom when she thought she was entering a legitimate contest to win front row tickets to a Justin Bieber concert

  • 23-year-old Mark, a coffee barista, and thousands of others lost $25 each when they thought they were purchasing a legitimate movie dvd but instead received one that had been illegally filmed from the back of a theater with a shaky, handheld camera.

  • John, an aspiring 25-year-old entrepreneur, was able to get a $300 camera for $100 from Asia. He thought he was being 'smart', so he purchased a single sample camera, which really turned out to be a $300 camera. He then went ahead and purchased another 50 for $5,000, hoping to resell them (dropship), only to find out that he received fake cameras worth less than $25 each.


Still think it couldn’t happen to you?



Well, remember that’s what I thought, too!




How I Lost $570 …


When my apartment lease was set to run out last October, I began to look for a new place to live. One day, while searching the Internet I found the perfect place – a beautiful apartment in a great neighborhood for a really good price.


After talking with the landlord, who seemed like a really nice guy, I wired my deposit to the owner’s offshore account and was all set to move in when I discovered the person I talked to didn’t own the property at all.


Scammers are finding legitimate properties online, stealing the description and the photos and then posting their own ads on real estate sites and on other sites like Craigslist. They usually ask for a few hundred dollars less than the actual property and when people drive by the location, which I did, they see a for sale sign.


I never thought it could happen to me … but it did. I lost $570. I still remember the sick feeling I got in my stomach when I realized I had been scammed.


You feel so stupid, so embarrassed. I lost money I couldn’t afford to lose. I had to go home, tell my dad what had happened and ask for a loan so that I could afford to rent another apartment. Talk about being at a low point in your life. I felt like a complete loser.




I Don’t Want You to Have to Go Through What I Did

or Through Something Even Worse ...


That’s why I’ve written a new guide entitled Internet Scams REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide To The Insider Scams That Can Fleece You Of All Your Money ... Rip Off Your Identity ... Destroy Your Livelihood ... and Ruin You Life!”



At last, there is a comprehensive guide that reveals all the latest scams that are being used to steal money from honest, hard-working people like you and me.


This guide will give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You’ll learn:


The top 40 most popular Internet scams and how to avoid becoming a victim to any of them!


How to tell fake charities from real charities and ensure your money is going where it is supposed to be going!


How social networking has made identity theft even easier for scammers and what you can do to protect yourself in the future!


How to avoid falling for online dating scams that can cost you thousands!


How to keep from losing money when you use PayPal to pay for something!


Why the “Google Money Kit” scam is still so effective after years of being in existence … and what you can do to tell the fake blogs and websites from the real ones!


The “anti-virus” virus that requires you to pay money to remove itself … find out how to avoid getting it and how to get rid of it fast for free if you do get it!


How to become immune to high-pressure sales tactics like fake scarcity!


What “pharming” is and how it can easily cause you to give up your personal information and have your identity stolen without you even knowing it!


How to keep from falling for the Internet’s version of the old “bait and switch”!


The Internet scam that has been running for more than 15 years and is still one of the leading ways people are losing hundreds and even thousands of dollars online – find out how to identify this scam and how to protect yourself here!


The update scam that has fooled many, many skilled computer users and that can leave you with vicious, very hard to get rid of malware and viruses on your computer!


Why, just because you see something in print, you should never just believe it is true – and other Internet truths that can save you thousands of dollars!


How some ‘smart’ phishing sites will now actually ‘redirect’ you to a ‘real’ page where you log in for ‘real’ so that you never know your information was compromised!

And much, much more!



Why Do So Many People Fall Victim to Scams


… & Why Are You at Risk, Too?




Research recently done at the University of Exeter in the UK sheds some valuable insight into why consumers fall victim to scams, as well as the psychological techniques used by scammers to con global consumers out of hundreds of millions and possibly even billions of dollars each year.


Among the researchers key findings were:


  • A good background knowledge of a scam’s subject, such as experience with investing, may actually increase your risk of being scammed due to “over-confidence”

  • Up to 20% of the population could be particularly vulnerable to scams due to their “make-up” or, in other words, the way they are “wired”

  • Previous victims of a scam are even more likely to fall for another scam

  • Scam victims often keep what happened to them quiet and avoid speaking about it with family or friends

The research also found that what makes many scams even more devious is that they use a range of highly persuasive techniques.


One common tactic is to seek to exploit basic human emotions such as excitement or fear to provoke a spontaneous ‘gut reaction’ to the scam’s offer.


Scams may also seek to tap into people’s trust of authority by making their offer look like a legitimate offer from a reputable business or official institution.





So What’s Your Best Defense to Falling

Victim to a Scam?


Arm yourself with knowledge … get “Internet Scams REVEALED” and find out exactly what you need to be on watch for and how to avoid falling victim to the Internet’s most popular, most damaging scams.


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Why risk it? Why risk losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars?


Why risk having your identity stolen?


Why risk having your kids get taken advantage of?


When you could save yourself a lot of stress and money by getting my “Internet Scams REVEALED” ebook today?


“Internet Scams REVEALED” is filled with up-to-date information and practical tips that will help you avoid the scams Internet users typically fall for – saving you valuable time and money and allowing you to surf the Internet knowing that you are safe and protected.


After reading, “Internet Scams REVEALED” you will know exactly what to look for and exactly what to do to avoid falling victim to a damaging Internet scam – and since this ebook is available as an instant download you will be able to begin benefiting from the expert advice and information it contains immediately!



This is Your Chance to Learn:

  • How to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online using easy-to-follow strategies and techniques

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  • How to surf the Internet and buy products online with zero risk

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The “Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft” eBook (a $17 value)


Identity theft is a serious crime – one that is occurring with an alarming frequency. The statistics are mindboggling.


     1 in 4 US households have been victimized

     10 million people last year affected

     Loss to businesses tops $47.6 billion

     Loss to victims about $5 billion

·         Each victim spends about 30 hours trying to recover their name.


The problem of identity theft has become the number one fear of consumers in the world today, and unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common.


It can happen without you even knowing it, and can ruin lives. It can take a con just a few minutes to ruin a good name you’ve worked to build.


With the internet, identity theft is going global. The scary part is these criminals are getting better and better. You can become a victim and not even know it was YOU who started the cycle. It can start with a simple e-mail.


In this book, you’ll get an in-depth look at identity theft. You’ll explore how your personal information can get stolen as well as ways to protect yourself.


This book will tell you the steps you need to take to recover your credit and stop the thieves who stole what you yourself worked to build.


The book also has a special section on preventing identity theft through the Internet.



“Cyber Security: The Ultimate Guide To Internet Safety!” eBook (a $?? value)


The internet is perfectly safe, as long as you know how to protect yourself. Although child exploitation and identity theft are feared online, there are ways to protect yourself against these problems. 


Much of what I reveal in this book has been learned through trial and error.  I did get viruses in my computers.  I did get my identity stolen.  I did have problems with people who found out too much information about me.  Fortunately, I was able to learn from past mistakes and now I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes that I did. 


After reading this book, you will understand how to keep yourself safe when using the internet. You’ll know how to recognize scams, how to recognize secure and unsecure payment sites, how to keep banking information secure, how to keep your children safe online and much more.


This is not a book that uses technical language regarding cyber security, but a book that will teach the average person how to be safe, as well as keep their family members safe, when online. 





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